BetBot Pro


BetBotPro is a brand new Automated Betfair Laying Software which will supercharge your betting activities even while you're away at work or simply want to spend time with your family.

You can bet on UK/US Horse Racing & Greyhound racing, what ever takes your fancy. You can select the favourite or an individual horse or greyhound to lose in that race.

This software takes the hassle out of betting. You simply need to spend a few minutes everyday to select your selections and BetBotPro will do the rest.

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Grey Horse Bot

The Grey Horse bot  								  								  								  								  								 Bot Box

On Betfair today you are up against betting bots just like the Grey Horse bot, so instead of fighting the crowd why not get into the action and let this software do the hard work for you.

Whether it is Horses, Greyhounds or Football. Straight backing, laying or trading the Grey Horse bot can handle it easily.

The Grey Horse Bot uses the Betfair API so you will need an account with Betfair in order to use this bot. 

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ICM Poker Bot

ICM Poker BotICM-Bot is a real-time poker bot that can multi-table up to six sit & go tournaments simultaneously. Its decisions are completely automated and do not require any human assistance.

Once you open the online poker tables and start the bot, ICM-Bot’s real-time calculator and automation system will begin to play and earn money on their own.

The poker bot software uses Nash Equilibrium and Bayes Theorem to make its decisions. It also uses a real-time ICM calculator in collaboration with a database of optimized +EV diff. strategy.

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Bet Angel Pro

Bet Angel Pro - Betfair Trading Application

Bet Angel is the ultimate trading and betting platform for Containing a carefully crafted & extensive feature set which delivers optimal performance; it will positively shape and change forever the way you use betting exchanges.  Click here to find out more!

Make things happen, use the right tools...






Soccer Mystic

Your unfair advantage!

Soccer Mystic

Soccer mystic is the revolutionary new Betfair software designed specifically for soccer markets. Brought to you from the same team that brought you the groundbreaking Betfair tool, Bet Angel; it will elevate your activity on soccer markets to extraordinary levels. It has a vast range of unique features including the patent applied for ‘Soccer mystic price predictor’. This incredible tool allows you to see the future of a soccer match and play out strategies before the match has even started!

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Betfair Basics

What is Betfair?

Betfair is the world's largest betting exchange where hundreds of thousands of people place bets directly with each other. Betting with other people through Betfair removes the need for a ...
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Laying on Betfair

Laying a bet on Betfair means taking a bet on a horse or team which you will pay out on if that horse wins the race. If the horse loses the race then you keep the stake. For instance, if you Lay &po...
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Backing on Betfair

Backing a horse or team on Betfair means placing a bet which will payout to you if the horse or team wins the race or match. If the horse loses then you lose your stake. For instance, if ...
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Trading on Betfair

Being able to Lay and Back on Betfair gave rise to a new aspect of gambling that never existed before: the ability to bet on the direction of a horse or team's price, instead of betting on the act...
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In Play Trading on Betfair

In Play Trading on Betfair is different from trading because it refers to trading the price of a horse or team while the race or match is actually running or playing. When a race starts, Betf...
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Hedging on Betfair

Hedging on Betfair is the cherry on top of the ability to trade price movements. Hedging allows traders to lock in an equal profit regardless of whether the horse or team that they were t...
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Stop Gambling. Start Trading!

How Adam Todd made over £100,000 profit on Betfair from a starting bank of £200 with no knowledge of gambling by trading on Betfair!

"I started trading UK horseracing markets full time on Betfair in November 2002. I made £40,000 profit in my first year from a starting bank of £200 without even watching a horserace or picking up a formbook. With absolutely no knowledge of horseracing I would win an average of 9 races out of 10 and go months at a time without a losing day. The following results show that I have made over £100,000 profit from trading on Betfair, placing over £50 million worth of bets in the process."

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BetTrader is by far the best trading application I have come across. I'm certainly no pro trader but I manage to take very healthy profits every single day.

Andy Davies, UK

Just a line to say that after constant use, there is only one word for the 4.0 version..... "brilliant".

The new features and fresh looking layout is first-class. I love the percentage weight of money feature and the fact that you can see exactly where the money is going on each horse at any time, and the speed of refresh is superb.

Richard Futter, UK

Bet Trader 4 is absolutely brilliant. I live in Brisbane Australia and my experience is the whole process is simple straightforward and seamless. Recommend Bet Trader 4 to everyone from a beginner to an experienced trader.

And its profitable too!

Brian Kennedy,Australia

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